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This spring, give your tips and toes a taste of the sweet life!
After a long, blustery winter, tempt your tootsies and fingertips too, with six lip-smacking shades that will instantly transport you to the vintage corner candy store.
Satisfy your candy cravings with a confectionary-inspired nail color collection that is the crème de la crème.

Holy Sugar imageHoly Sugar image

Holy Sugar

Spring awakening in a bottle! This bright, buttery hue is sure to give you spring fever, as you’ll long to have some fun in the warm sun, while indulging on a secret stash of sweet-and-sour fruit chewy confections – all just for you.

Gimme Suga imageGimme Suga image

Gimme Suga

Did someone say crème-filled center?
A cool, creamy cantaloupe-colored lacquer that looks good enough to eat – but please don’t!

Kid In A Candy Store imageKid In A Candy Store image

Kid In A Candy Store

Feel like a kid in a candy store and can’t choose a hue?
Get a taste of them all! But don’t forget to sweeten your tips and toes with this pink-coral lacquer they’ll lust for.

Here For The Candy  imageHere For The Candy  image

Here For The Candy 

The quintessential bubblegum-pink pigment that will surely blow your mind (but not your mani!).

Sweeta Than Suga imageSweeta Than Suga image

Sweeta Than Suga

Orange you happy you got your hands on this tangerine-tinted, luscious lacquer that’s a burst of sunshine – and citrusy, sweetness – in every dreamy drop? Meet your mani and pedi’s latest squeeze.


Sugar Junkie

This fun, funky fuchsia with hot-pink undertones conjures up confectionary musings of bunnies, baskets, chewy gumdrops, and delightful miniature duckies made of ooey-gooey, marshmallowy goodness. Yum.